{We} saw some very dedicated shared living providers who know the individual well and have made him/her part of their home despite some significant challenges; medically, behaviorally or both.
Vermont State Quality Assurance Review

Lincoln Street, Inc. partners with community members who open their homes to provide support to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Depending on the person’s needs, you can provide home based supports in a variety of venues including providing:

  • A family home environment.
  • A roommate situation where you provide flexible supports in a shared home as needed.
  • An “in-law” apartment setting where there are more options for the person to have independence.

Home Supports can be for someone who needs a lot of assistance with day to day tasks, or for someone who needs help learning to cook, do laundry, or budget their money to build their independence.

Lincoln Street prides itself on relationships built by matching your interests and hobbies with those of the individuals we serve. From the first moment, we are a team in the care and support of an individual served by Lincoln Street, Inc. We provide training and support along with a tax exempt difficulty of care payment and room & board allotment.

We also know that your health and well-being is important, we provide a respite care allocation so you may schedule opportunities for rejuvenation and wellness.

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