Saluting Our Employees 

The Judy Landry Exemplary Employee Award

Since 1989, Lincoln Street, Inc. has recognized outstanding achievement and exceptional performance for staff with an Employee of the Year Award. This year the name of the award has been changed to honor Judy Landry, an exemplary employee for many years who is now gone. 

2019 Nominees for Exemplary Employee of the year

Chris Herron,  Schuyler Gould, Krista Harris, Jarrod James, Bart Mair, Donna Merrow,  Lauren Ramsey, Hannah Samek

Karen Sanderson,  & Kiaya Wood-Waterman

2019  Co-Winners for Exemplary Employee of the Year is…….. Donna Merrow & Chris Herron

Donna Merrow

 Donna always greets you with a smile.  She always puts her person first and when other individuals see her, they are excited.  She helps out her co-workers and is always available to give advice.”

 “ I would like to nominate Donna for Employee of the Year because she has been a positive light for the individuals we serve.  Over the course of the past year, Donna has been trained with new individuals, which required changes in her schedule and time of day worked. 

Donna was quick to learn the new people we served at LSI, because she knew that these individuals needed a staff person to allow for a smooth transition from high school to adult services!  Donna did not even question the schedule changes or even the situation that required her to pick later hours.  She was all about the individuals that she was labelled as Number 1 staff and somehow I was Number 7 staff.  One piece of that situation was this individual only had 5 people trained with her, how did Donna get this person to label me as the 7th best staff when only 5 people worked with her!!!   Donna spreads the positive work we do at Lincoln Street Inc. when she is out in the community. 

 Donna has been effective is recruiting additional direct care staff along the way.  Thank you Donna, for all you do to promote the individuals we serve and Lincoln Street. Inc. as an agency!  It is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.”

 Donna is an exemplary staff, she is compassionate, caring and responsible. She cares deeply about the quality of care she provides. Donna is always willing to take on new challenges and do what is needed. She is one of the best!

 Donna thank you for your willingness and flexibility to support whoever is needing your skills! From attending Voices and Choices to getting folks to work, you really walk the talk in meeting our mission

 Congratulations Donna


Chris Herron

“You are a great role model to co-workers and consumers, always having a calm, quiet demeanor while showing others respect and kindness.  You seem to handle your position with ease.  You are a great asset to the LSI team.”

 “Chris helps so much to make sure the individuals served are taken care of.  Thank you for always being there whenever I have a question regarding working with the individuals on your caseload.  You are truly one of LSI’s greatest assets.”

 “Chris is always willing to drop what he is doing to help out someone.  He is very forthcoming with information to provide success for daily routines.  Never have I seen a negative aspect while working with Chris.  Thanks for all you do.  Good Luck!”

 “Chris consistently goes above and beyond to do what’s needed with a positive attitude.  From assuring the needs are met of those on his caseload, to covering job sites on weekends and holidays, to jumping in to help his peers identify and develop coverage solutions.  Chris always remains clam, collective and optimistic.  He has grown tremendously during his time at LSI and has become a leader that people can depend on.  Thank you!”

“Chris is a great leader at LSI and leads by example.  The compassion he shows to those we serve as well as his patience is what makes him an amazing Service Coordinator. He is willing to lend a helping hand to his co-workers and is a true team player.”

“Chris is a true example of a team player.  He goes above and beyond the job description and is always willing to help when able.  He is a great role model and support for his individuals and assures they are always getting the most out of our services.  He has spent overnights and weekends supporting his individuals to attend conferences and leadership retreats.”

 Congratulations Chris!

2018 Nominees for Exemplary Employee of the year

Jarrod James

 Deb Donley

Tiffany Magill

Chris Herron

Karen Sanderson

Lauren Ramsey

Katie White

2018 Winner for Exemplary Employee of the Year is …… Katie White

“Katie always goes above and beyond to assure every individual served by LSI has a wonderful life.  She is a phenomenal supervisor and assures the Service Coordinators have the tools they need to be successful and support their individuals.  Katie, you are a role model to your peers and represent the agency in a positive manner.  In addition, you provide excellent support and guidance to your co-workers, especially during difficult times.  Your kindness, caring gestures, funny comments and thoughtfulness makes you an excellent candidate for this award.  Thank you for all you do every day.”

 “Katie is taking on her new position and rocking it!  Her attention to detail is exemplary and she painstakingly assures things are going smoothly.”

 “With the transitions that LSI has been through over this past year, Katie has been a “rock” and has make the transition go smoothly!  She has been there to support the Service Coordinators, Staff, and Senior Management with creative ideas to resolve situations that arise, constant communication to those in need, and has even gotten her hands dirty covering when staffing is tight.  Thank you, Katie for stepping into this role and doing such a great job!”

“Katie is a strong advocate for the people we serve and does incredible behind the scenes work.  Katie is a great leader, role model and co-worker.”

 “Katie goes above and beyond for both staff and people we serve.  Without her keeping the rest of us together we would be a mess.”

“Katie has done an exceptional job with transitioning to her new role.  Katie leads by example and challenges others to do the same.  She always has the best interest of the individuals in mind and is a strong advocate.  I am thankful for the advice around developing ISA’s and how to manage difficult situations.  Katie is a valuable asset.”

 “I nominate Katie White for employee of the year for her leadership.  Katie took on the role of Director of Quality Management this past spring and she has made it her own.  With a good foundation to build on, Katie has created new Quality Management systems for all of us and has empowered her staff to own their work.  Despite the obstacle and challenges each day brings.  Katie has provided her team with the support, organization and care to do great work.  This is leadership!”:

               Congratulations Katie!

2017 Nominees for Exemplary Employee of the year

Jarrod James

Chris Herron

Rhonda Keenan

Karen Sanderson

Mark Burbela

Jason Pierce

Lauren Ramsey

               2017 Winner of the Judy Landry Exemplary Employee is……. Jarrod James

jarrod-jamesJarrod has a big heart and it shows! He is amazing when it comes to finding folks their dream jobs. He is honest, thoughtful and kind of funny!! I am proud to say I have the best boss ever!”

It is obvious Jarrod loves his job and LSI. He has a passion and willingness to assist all our people. Where ever there is a need Jarrod steps in. If someone is in distress he is right there to provide comfort. Whether they are an individual we support or an employee. He brings a smile to all our faces with a joyous attitude. He has taken on a larger role and excelled. Thank you for all you do.”

“Jarrod’s leadership and dedication lead the employment team to help seek and maintain 100% employment for the individuals we serve. He shows great respect, appreciation and leadership to the program and employees. His true dedication to go above and beyond fulfills the desire for consumers to work in competitive employment.”

“Jarrod is one of the most genuine guys there is, he is amazing at his job. He loves to spread himself thin to make it all work. He reached out to me to come work here and it’s an amazing place to be.”

“Jarrod doesn’t just get people jobs; he gets them the job they want. He has grown a dedicated team of great employment staff, increased the wages the people we serve earn and has had everyone in the program employed. People can get a second job, change jobs or get extra help when they need it. Project Search has its biggest class ever this year. Jarrod goes the extra mile for the LSI team and always has a positive idea to bring forth, he exemplifies Judy’s values of putting the people we serve first and supporting our mission.”

 Jarrod has made the LSI employment program one of the best in the state for job placement and support. He has become a recognized leader himself, not just here at LSI but around the state as a professional in the field of Supported Employment. Here at LSI, he is somebody others look to for support, guidance and decision making. Jarrod helps make LSI a great place to work.”

Congratulations Jarrod!

2016 Nominees for Exemplary Employee of the year

Mike Kohler

Elizabeth Peets

Jarrod James

Karen Sanderson

Katie Irish White

Sandy Holt

Mark Burbela

2016 Winner of the Judy Landry Exemplary Employee is…….Mike Kohler

“Mike is always “person centered” and looking for better ways to support the folks he works with. Mike has gone above and beyond many times to make sure everyone is included and supported the best they can be. Thank you Mike!! We appreciate everything you do.”

 “Mike has the right mindset and values that are important to be successful at Lincoln Street, Inc. Mike has been very influential in a young man’s transition from home to his own apartment. He goes above and beyond to help support LSI to provide excellent direct care supports. Mike Kohler, I would like to publicly “thank you” for all the great work you do and all the extra help you give management picking up shifts. You are an extremely important and valuable person for this Agency and the people we serve.”

 “Mike gives incredible care and support to everyone he supports. He assists; but always in a respectful way. Just an amazing job!

“Mike always greets everyone with a smile and a willingness to give a helping hand. Mike is a genuine, kind person and a great role model for not only the people he supports but the employees her at LSI.”

 Congratulations Mike!


2015 Winner of the Judy Landry Exemplary Employee is…..

Trisha Paradis

 “Trisha takes it on! She is always willing to help anyone & everyone. She has taken on so much extra this year; helping Service Coordinators as well as taking on parts of my job.  Truly, truly an exemplary employee and one Lincoln Street is extremely lucky to have.”

 “ I would like to nominate Trisha Paradis for this award because of her Exemplary work ethic, support for co-workers (especially Service Coordinators), and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure Lincoln Street Inc. continues to prove its merit in the State of Vermont. Trisha is the “rock” for the Service Coordinators, and other staff when it comes to Quality Assurance, Organization of work and is also a great listener when we have a question or concern around our programs.  Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to work with Trisha in a multitude of capacities, and these qualities always show up!  Recently, I have transitioned to a new program at LSI, and Trisha has been instrumental in teaching the process around intake, June Grad transition to Adult Services.  Thank you Trisha for being an AMAZING co-worker, and an asset to Lincoln Street Inc.  I feel we are all lucky to have you as part of our team.”

 “The ongoing support and guidance Trisha provides to her co-workers is amazing. She is always there to assist others whenever needed.  Trisha’s clinical insight is regularly sought out by others and her ability to problem solve ANY paperwork issue is incredible.  Thank you Trisha for everything you do every day.”