At Lincoln Street, Inc. we truly believe education does not end with high school graduation or at a particular phase in a person’s life. Rather, learning is a transformational journey throughout one’s lifetime.

Through a unique partnership with Global Campus Foundation, Lincoln Street, Inc. provides three diverse opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities:

  • As a student, learning in an academic environment taught by one’s peers that is relaxed and empowering.
  • As a teaching faculty member, individuals share with others their knowledge, passions and interests. Through the teaching experience, individuals develop confidence in themselves and the knowledge they possess.
  • As a campus administrative member, individuals manage and make decisions regarding the direction and activities of their campus. Taking ownership promotes leadership skills.

During the first five years of Global Campus Springfield, LSI individuals have designed and facilitated over 220 workshops, classes and field trips on topics such as Recycling is Good, Windsor: Then & Now, Civil Rights of Persons with Differing Abilities, Town Government, Great American Film Soundtracks,Martin Luther King, Jr., and Music & Movement.

In addition to their academic responsibilities, Global Campus Springfield students also select and participate in a group service project each term, which builds on their sense of identity as a campus and as positive contributors to their community. Projects have included green-ups of public areas in Springfield, fundraisers for local victims of Tropical Storm Irene and Japan’s tsunami survivors, donation collections for the Springfield Family Center’s Santa Claus Club, and a bake sale and raffle to support Boston’s bombing victims.

At the closing ceremonies for the most recent graduating class, participants were asked what they liked best about Global Campus Springfield. “George” quickly responded, “I’ve learned in Global Campus that it’s not only fun to do, but as you’re teaching the classes, you’re also learning at the same time.”

Transformational learning at its most defining moment.

For more information, view the global campus schedule.

“Launching Global Campus Springfield is one of the best decisions we’ve made,” commented Cheryl Thrall, Executive Director of Lincoln Street, Inc. “It’s raised the level of social conversation amongst all of our individuals. This campus is their vision, their choices, their ownership and their responsibility. There’s a social mission at the heart of everything they do. They are incredibly respectful of each other and have tremendous pride in what they have built.”