“Our review team heard stories of positive growth for individuals in a relatively short period of time because of the consistent support and efforts of the shared living providers. Shared living providers reported feeling well supported and part of an active team that was focused on the person living there.”

Vermont State Quality Assurance Review
LSI has 30 years of experience providing residential services for people who are intellectually disabled. LSI’s home supports are tailored around the specific needs of each person. Our Service Coordinators work with the individual and their family to develop and support home based services that are provided and monitored according to State regulations.

Depending on your needs, home supports can be:

  • Provided to you in your own home or apartment on an hourly basis for specific support needs.
  • A roommate situation with someone who can provide flexible supports in a shared home.
  • In a “mother-in-law” apartment with one of our home providers where there are more options for independence yet support is there when needed.
  • Similar to a foster parent situation for younger individuals needing this service.
  • With an LSI home provider who is medically skilled and can coordinate all of your services with LSI’s nursing staff, Visiting Nurses, Home Health or Hospice, as well as a variety of local physicians and specialty medical providers.

We know that what is considered the perfect plan today may not be the right plan in the future. LSI partners with each individual and their team to secure just the right balance of support as needs change.