Families Come First

“Mary* is being supported to reconnect with her family after many years. The members of her support team are taking it slow and doing all they can to ensure safe, positive visits for all involved. The agency is always mindful of family relationships and works hard to ensure the family concerns are met and services are available when needed.”
Vermont State Quality Assurance Review

Our Service Coordinators partner with each family to find the right balance of support that is effective, not intrusive. The key to our high rate of satisfaction in family supports is our ability to listen and to respect each family’s values, culture and lifestyle as they describe their needs for supports.

We collaborate in evaluating needs and crafting services that leave the individual and family in control of the service decisions that our teams then implement. Whether it is support in the home by LSI staff to get started in the morning, community or employment supports while parents are at work, or assistance in finding respite for families to have a break, LSI is there!

Supports for individuals who live with their own families is a proud niche for Lincoln Street. LSI staff focus keenly on partnering with each family and the individual to secure just the right balance of support that evolves as the individual evolves.