workforce opportunities

Employment = Empowerment!

LSI’s Employment Program is committed to supporting the individuals we serve to find and maintain satisfying employment through our successful relationships with business communities.

Our underlying philosophy is that anyone who wants to work, can!

Supports are tailor made for each individual seeking a job.

Employment services can include:

  • Resume development
  • Job searches
  • Individualized job placement and training
  • Ongoing individualized job coaching
  • Ongoing monitoring and assistance for those working independently
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Assistance navigating and understanding social security benefits in conjunction with paid employment.
  • Assistance in wage and benefit reporting

Individuals receiving employment services through Lincoln Street, Inc. earn competitive wages, pay taxes and are contributing members of the community.

If you are interested in supporting a person with disabilities in their work environment, please see our LSI Careers page or contact LSI.

The employment support staff for Jane* are flexible and have worked with the employer so the schedule and number of hours worked meet the individual’s stamina and attention span so she is productive and enjoys her job.
Vermont State Quality Assurance Review