Communities are richer when all are included. LSI staff assist the people we serve to be involved in their community, building skills and relationships by participating in activities that interest them.

Activities can range from those enjoyed at retirement age to specific skill building such as banking, shopping and safe use of public transportation for individuals desiring those supports. Community supports can include attendance at the Global Campus or our self advocate meetings and activities as well as individually crafted supports.

Participation in the local community can look different for each individual we serve as supports are based on individual interests, needs, skills and goals.

Lincoln Street, Inc. knows that when you are engaged in life as an active participant thriving becomes a way of life. Our staff empower and support your involvement in your local community, encouraging a healthy, active and well-rounded lifestyle.

Our pledge to you includes:

  • Helping you maximize your independence by maintaining and enhancing your skills.
  • Supporting and assisting you in building personal bridges within your community through paid employment, volunteer service, retirement activities, and educational opportunities.
  • Respecting your individual goals and dreams.
  • Supporting your efforts to be connected with other self-advocates in having a voice regarding services, if you choose.
  • Being attentive and respectful of your needs and desires, and to ask questions when we sense a need for clarification.

Thriving in your local community looks different for every individual because it’s based on your interests, skills and goals. LSI will work with you to develop an individualized service plan that works for you!

If you are interested in supporting a person with disabilities in their community, please see our LSI Careers page or contact LSI.

“Members of the review team concur that Lincoln Street staff and contractors truly understand how not only to have people ‘do activities,’ but how to help them become connected – supporting folks to engage in hobbies, sports, events and classes where new and natural relationships can develop and blossom.” – Vermont State Quality Assurance Review