“{We} saw some individuals and ISAs with comprehensive, detailed communication plans and supports, where team members familiar with the individual not only communicate with them effectively but recognize the role communication has in promoting positive behavior, de-escalating situations and generally improving individuals’ lives.”

Vermont State Quality Assurance Review
“I type to communicate…help me to speak and say … type my thoughts …I love to type everything.” Individual receiving services

Everyone deserves a voice and the opportunity to make choices. At LSI we have a long history of commitment to building communication skills with people who do not use spoken language.

All individuals with communication needs have a customized communication plan that may start with an evaluation by a certified Speech Language Pathologist experienced in the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Each communication plan is unique. One plan may consist of learning simple signs or sounds that have meaning to the individual, while another plan may utilize the latest in assistive technology through the use of a sophisticated communication device. We work with funding sources to assure that people have access to the best augmented communication device suited to their style of self-expression.