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 Introducing – Vermont Comforts of Home


Who we are. At Vermont Comforts of Home, we help people who are no longer able to live alone. We support older people and others who need a nursing home level of care to remain in the community. We are committed to the belief that all people, regardless of their age or care needs, should have a voice in where they live and how they are supported.

What we do. We provide home supports, service coordination and respite supports. We ensure that all services are individualized to meet the specific needs of those we serve.

How we do it. We identify caring, reliable Vermonters who are interested in sharing their home with someone in need of support. A thorough background check is completed and the matching process begins. Ongoing, skilled support and coordination is provided to ensure success for all.

Contact us:  (802)-886-1833

A joint Venture of Lincoln Street Inc. and Upper Valley Services