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Our Mission is to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities to identify their needs and provide the quality services that empower them to reach their potential.

LSI strives for excellence in the provision of services and supports. We focus on easy access, individualized support plans to help individuals reach their desired outcomes and high degrees of satisfaction with our services.

Home Supports

Our Home Supports are specifically tailored to the needs of each person for the right balance of support. Home supports can be a few hours within a person’s own home to build skills or in a setting LSI creates in partnership with you.


LSI’s Employment program reflects our commitment to support the people we serve to develop the career of their choice, to be an employee that is valued by their work place and to earn competitive wages.


LSI’s community supports reflect our commitment to assure that everyone is involved in their local community, building both skills and relationships! Opportunities abound for people to build concrete skills, volunteer at area non profits and engage in community life.

Global Campus

LSI has a long term partnership with the Global Campuses Foundation, which provides the forum for lifelong learning after graduation from high school.

Project Search

LSI has a long term commitment to youth graduating from high school who may need services upon graduation. We have a community partnership to operate River Valley Project SEARCH at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for Vermont students. Project SEARCH is a nationally recognized program that teaches student interns skills in their last year of high school, designed to lead to complex competitive employment upon graduation.

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